Tools For Asset Specification

When developers use ParaAvatarSDK or ParaWorldSDK in Unity, ParaSpace will provide a series of assets upload and check tools to help the developers check the resources at any time in the uploading process,
notify creators of restricted content in the assets, and offer one-click services for some features.

Assets Check Tools

Overall Interface


Menu Entrance

ParaSpace provides assets check tools in both AvatarSDK and WorldSDK.

Resource Check Menu in AvatarSDK


Resource Check Menu in WorldSDK


Rating Data Display Area

Lists the detection results of Avatar/World assets, including:

  • Display the overall resource rating.
    • Take the lowest category in the statistical items as the overall resource rating.
  • Display the maximum available value to the right of the statistics.

Display Area of Warning/Error

Displays any error/warning in this area.

  • including the error name, error description, and fix button (if any)

Fix/Upload Area

If the overall resource rating is higher than "Upload Prohibit" and no "Error" message is displayed, the "Upload" button is available, indicating that the developer can upload Avatar/World safely.
If any "Auto Fix" message is displayed, the developer can also click "Fix All" to fix all warnings/errors (provided that all warnings/errors can be fixed automatically).


Shader Tool

ParaSpace has implemented stricter requirements on Avatar shaders than World shaders. Therefore, a shader Auto Fix/Replace tool is provided.


Interface Overview

ObjectDisplay the object whose shader is currently being replaced.
- The Avatar object is automatically filled in after the upload window is displayed.
- When dragging and dropping the other object, detect the object and materials of its sub-object and provide the shader replacement function.
Rendering StyleStyle option. Select a rendering style to replace the styles of all shaders.
For example:
- Cartoon Rendering
- Realistic Rendering
, etc.
You ShaderDisplay the shader currently used by the creator.
Target ShaderDisplay the shader to be replaced.
ShaderDisplay how many types of shaders that are available currently.
ReplaceConvert the material shader into the corresponding shader.

Menu Entrance


Avatar Selector

In ParaAvatarSDK, developers can create multiple Avatars simultaneously. Therefore, an Avatar selector is provided to assist developers in selecting Avatar for assets check or uploading.

  • List the objects of all ParaAvatarRoot components in the project.