Account System

SDK Account System


Why do you need an SDK account and password?

Currently, ParaSpace SDK only supports login with an account and password. If you have registered and logged in to the player platform (ParaSpace app) using an email address, phone number, or third-party platform, you will need to obtain the account and set a password within the player platform to log in to the SDK.

SDK Account

The SDK account refers to your ParaID, which can be found on the account management page of the player platform.

SDK Password

On the player platform, go to "Settings" > "Account Management" to initially configure or reset your password. If your account is not associated with any phone number or email address, you need to link one first. This will allow you to reset your account password using a verification code sent to your phone or mailbox.

SDK Login

Unity SDK

In the Unity environment, if you want to upload content or access the content manager, a login interface will appear. Simply enter your account and password to complete the login.

Official Website

To edit or delete uploaded content, you can also log in to the official website for quick access.

Reasons for SDK Login Failures

If you failed to log in to the SDK, check whether the failure is caused by any of following reasons:

  1. Incorrect account or password. (Solution: Verify that the account is entered correctly, and reset the password on the player platform before attempting to log in again).
  2. Inconsistency between the local time and operating system time of your device. (Solution: Check whether your computer's time has been manually adjusted. Inconsistent time settings between your computer and local time may cause login failures).
  3. Poor network environment. (Solution: Check the connectivity of your device and ensure a stable network environment).