Para Image Player

ParaImagePlayer Component Properties

ParaImagePlayer (image player): With its image player features, ParaImagePlayer allows you to view and display your image galleries and create fancy slides as you like.

Property NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
DefaultTextureTexturenullThe default image displayed by the image player when no image is uploaded
Screen RendererMesh/The render target, which is the image player's image rendered on the model
Screen Aspect RatioVector216:9The aspect ratio of the render target
Image Max Numint5The upper limit on the number of uploaded images
Allow Guest ControlbooltrueWhether to allow non-Master players to use ParaImagePlayer
Interval Timefloat2The interval at which the images will be cyclically played
Current Indexint0The index of the currently playing image
Image List URLListnullThe URL of the image to be played

How to Quickly Enable ParaImagePlayer

For your convenience, we offer you examples to enable ParaImagePlayer. Go to ParaWorldSDK > Examples, and then find the prefab ParaImagePlayer and place it in your scene. After adjusting the component properties to your demands, you can try out ParaImagePlayer's features.

Thanks to the component integration feature of Para Screen Controller, you can also use ParaImagePlayer together with other components. Go unleash your creativity.