Official Camera

The official camera that the game offers by default. It always shows the point of view of the main player's Avatar. (For details, see Overview of Point of View.) The official camera offers both First Person Perspective and Third Person Perspective. The two perspectives can be switched by tapping the Switch Point of View button on the game's home screen, or by pinching to zoom in.

You can rotate the camera by swiping on the right side of the screen with one finger.

If First Person Perspective is enabled, the character will rotate with the camera. If Third Person Perspective is enabled, the camera rotates around the character when you rotate the camera. The upper part of the character's body will slightly follow the camera, but the character itself will not rotate.

We also offer an API that makes it possible to specify the enabling of either First Person Perspective or Third Person Perspective for certain Worlds. For details, see Camera Perspective Switch. In addition, the Camera Switch button on the home screen can be hidden.

Custom Camera

If the official camera does not meet your demands, you can place another camera in the scene and control that camera's actions using scripts. For specific methods, see: Custom Camera under WordRoot.