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dark mode?

anyway to make the ui dark? this burning white is so uncomfortable it's unreal

how to Create an avatar from scratch.

Hello. I am as green to this as you can be to using unity. there is a specific character from an old anime that I would like to create into an avatar. trying to read the guides on this site, I am just as lost as a deer in headlights. I'm not seeing any information on how to do anything I am looking to do first, from creating facial features to creating hair / outfits. How do I go about creating an avatar from scratch? say for example from ParaSpaces example of robot Kyle, how would I make a coat to add to the avatar? how do I change his face around? how would I edit the colors on his metal? any help would be greatly appreciated, as again, I am like a newborn baby coming into the world of using unity to create with. As of right now I am just looking to make the avatar first, then will worry about animating afterwards. (If you are curious, I am looking to create "lamia" from the anime Betterman.)

In what ways does the highest paid paintball player, Oliver Lang, give back to the paintball community?

Oliver Lang actively supports the growth of paintball by mentoring young players, hosting clinics, and participating in charity events, using his status as the highest paid paintball player to benefit the community. Read complete Blog here - <https://www.epicsportsx.com/15-best-professional-paintballers-history-salary-other-details-2023/>




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Is there anyway I can get a hold of an older SDK such as SDK version 12

I would really appreciate if I could

Upload problem

I was select humonoid skeleton for the avatar but its still show avatar cannot be uploaded as it is not using a humonid skeleton

Welcome to ask questions here!

Hi, I'm Gavin, a staff member from ParaSpace. You are welcome to ask questions here, and we will provide immediate answers. You may also join our Discord server to receive additional support from our creator support team. Here's the link: <https://discord.gg/9RDeWgnzVc>