Can you briefly explain how to create with the ParaSpace SDK?

ParaSpace SDK is an SDK based on the Unity engine. To get started, download Unity, import our SDK, complete the creation of an avatar or a world in Unity, and upload it to our platform with one click. After successful uploading, you can experience and share the content you created on the app.

If you are new to Unity, it is a universal 3D game development tool often used by people in the game industry to develop commercial games. Unity is available for free download. Refer to this article for specifics on downloads.

Where can I download the SDK?

Please read this article to find out where you can download the SDK.

I am a beginner. How do I start learning the ParaSpace SDK?

Check out the Get Started series of articles, which will help you get started with the ParaSpace SDK quickly. For more in-depth learning, read the Tutorials section, which will teach you how to create your first avatar, world, and world with game logic.

What if I cannot find an answer to my question here?

Welcome to join our Discord Community and ask questions in the community. Your questions will be answered by ParaSpace personnel or enthusiastic community users.