Resource Review Standards

ParaSpace aims to provide users with a healthy and friendly community environment. To achieve that, we have established community rules, which our users must abide by.

In the community rules, we have defined inappropriate content. If you upload inappropriate content, it will be taken down and permanently removed.

The following explains what kind of content is categorized as inappropriate content:

  • Extremely frightening or disturbing content, such as content depicting torture, mutilated bodies, and animal abuse.
  • Pornographic content, such as content related to nudity, sexual activities, sex services, and sexual exploitation.
  • Misleading content, such as false medical information, information that may cause harm in the real world, and election misinformation.
  • Conspiracy content, such as attacking specific individuals or protected groups, or denials of acts of violence or tragedies.
  • Content that violates personal information confidentiality, such as social security information, phone numbers, and physical addresses.

How do I do If I see any inappropriate content?

  • As a creator, check the content before you upload it. Avoid uploading any inappropriate content.
  • As a player, when you find any inappropriate content, report it. We will evaluate the content and remove it immediately after verifying that it is inappropriate.