Para Script

Para Script is a C# component. After adding it to GameObject, it can be used as a container for running a custom script.
You can associate a script with Para Script, and the script will be executed according to certain rules.


This is a Para Script Component!

Custom Script: We use Lua 5.3 which is fast, safe, and easy to use. If you are familiar with the C# language, you can check the difference between the Lua language and the C# language here to get started quickly: Lua and C# Comparison (Coming Soon)

The custom script is subject to the Unity MonoBehaviour life cycle and is compatible with part of the MonoBehavior event API.

This section will introduce you to the following concepts and usages:

Relevant Readings:
If you don't know Unity programming at all, please first read Unity Scripting.
For knowing more about Lua, please read Lua Tutorials.