Networking-related APIs

This section lists all networking-related APIs for your reference.


ParaScript.HasOwnershipDetermines if you own the current object yourself.
ParaScript.GetOwnerDirectly obtains the player object of an owner.
ParaScript.IsOwnerDetermines if a player is the owner of the current object.
ParaScript.RequestOwnershipRequests ownership.
ParaScript.SetOwnerSets a new owner. This API can only be invoked by owners.
ParaScript.SendMessageToOwnerSends messages to an owner.
ParaScript.SendMessageToAllSends messages to all players, including yourself.
ParaScript.SendMessageToTargetSends messages to a certain player.
ParaScript.OwnerCallInvokes a certain function of an owner.
ParaScript.TargetCallInvokes a certain function of a player.
ParaScript.OnNetSpawnedThis event is sent to everyone when a network object is generated.
This event can be used to listen in on any changes made to a certain synchronization variable.
ParaScript.OnOwnershipRequestThis event is sent to the owner, who will receive an ownership request.
ParaScript.OnOwnershipTransferredThis event is sent to everyone when ownership is transferred.


ParaNetService.isNetisNetworkSettledSpecifies whether the room data has been completely synchronized.
ParaNetService.OnNetworkSettledThis event is triggered when the room data has been completely synchronized. You can listen in on this event whenever you want to initialize your client.

Synchronization Variable API

SetValueAssigns a value to the synchronization variable.
GetValueGets the value of a synchronization variable.
OnValueChangeThis event is triggered when a synchronization variable changes.