Network Event Order

ParaScript Events of Scene Network Objects

Availability of Network-Related APIs

ParaScript objects encompass Unity3D events and network events, but when the network initialization will be completed during object creation depends on the arrival time of network data. Therefore, certain network-related APIs may be unavailable in Unity3D event notifications. For example, accessing synced variables or calling the SendMessage API in Awake, Start, or OnEnable events may result in exceptions or errors. The following figures shows whether certain network-related APIs are available in specified network events.

Availability of ParaPlayerService APIs:

Availability of ParaScript APIs:

Note: If you call network-related APIs in Update, FixedUpdate, or LateUpdate functions, you need to first use self:IsSpawned() to confirm whether the current network object has completed network initialization (unrelated to OnTriggerEnter or related physics events).