Custom Tags & Layers

Do you often need to use tags and layers when creating a World? Check this topic to learn how to use the custom tags and layers feature specifically tailored for you!

This feature is built upon Unity's native tags and layers feature. The way to use this feature in ParaSpace is the same as that in Unity. (See the official Unity tutorial.)

Custom Tags


This feature is under development. Stay tuned.

Custom Layers

Configure Layers:

Open the Tags & Layers window in Unity. In the window, you can enter a name for each layer.


Note that you better define layers 16 to 31 as custom layers when creating a World. As layers 0 to 15 are official layers, if you use them as custom layers, they will be overridden and become invalid when you upload the World.

Rules for Disallowing Unity's Native Layer APIs:


Layers are built and inserted into a World through mappings. Therefore, the following Unity's native layer APIs are not supported.