Para Avatar Pedestal

Pedestal Component

A pedestal component is used to set an interactable object that points to an Avatar (by defining the Avatar ID) on the map.

When a user interacts with the Avatar, the Avatar enters the try-on state.

Not all Avatars can be interacted by users

Only public Avatars can be tried on by users from the pedestal.

If you use a private Avatar ID, the pedestal component fails to be obtained and is displayed as an invalid pedestal in the World.

Parameter Table

Parameter NameParameter Description
Avatar IDEnter the ID of the target Avatar.
CoverMeshIf the target Avatar is a public and valid Avatar, the pedestal component allows you to set a target model and assign the Avatar’s cover image to the model.
- This parameter can be left empty and does not affect the pedestal feature.

Use with Para Script

A pedestal component is a white-box script, which must be configured with specific parameters and used together with an interaction script.

You must enter the object with a mounted script into the Interactive Action parameter of Para Script and set the method name to TryOnAvatar. In this way, the pedestal can be interacted by users and performs features.