ParaAssets’ Official Resources Download

Welcome to use our official resources(ParaAssets) for World Creations. These resources will help you unleash infinite creativity and imagination.

Where to download the resources

You can get ParaAssets from the following links:

  • ParaAssets’ official download link:
  • Or click ParaAssets Download from the Para World SDK drop-down list to redirect to the official website for download.

How to use the resources

  • On the ParaAssets’ official download page, select the resource you want and then click the Download button to get the corresponding Unity package.

  • After imported into your project in Unity, the package can be applied to the World you’ve created. Different resources support different interaction features. Refer to QuickStart to learn how to use the resource. Try it now. In addition, more official resources will come with our next version. Stay tuned.



When you use ParaAssets, ensure that you’ve installed ParaSpace World SDK for your project so that the resources can be applied and run properly.