Avatar Cloud Processing

ParaAvatarSDK uploads your avatar assets to the cloud and performs optimization processing on your avatar to ensure its performance in the player's world.

LOD Rules

The distance between the avatar and the camera will keep changing in the world. To ensure good display performance, the avatar will change in mesh detail based on such distance change in real time. These meshes are called Level of Detail (LOD).


The avatar's highest LOD is LOD 0.

  • LOD 1: The number of LOD triangles for this level of avatar is up to 60,000.
  • LOD 2: The number of LOD triangles for this level of avatar is up to 30,000.
  • LOD 3: The number of LOD triangles for this level of avatar is up to 5,000.


  • The opportunity of displaying in LOD 0 is reserved. The highest-level display effect will be LOD 0 within 1.5 meters, and the effects of other levels will start from LOD 1.
  • LOD will be automatically configured by distance. For example, LOD 0: distance within 1.5 meters; LOD 1: distance within 5 meters; LOD 2: 5–15 meters; LOD 3: 15 meters–the max distance


Format compression and size reduction for avatar's texture will be performed on cloud.

  • BaseTex (1st priority), Normalmap (2nd priority), and other maps (3rd priority) will be compressed until the total size is within 16 MB. The compression will start with maps with the lowest priority.
  • Map compression format: Normalmap is compressed to ASTC 4X4 format, while BaseTex and other maps are compressed to ASTC 6X6 format.
  • The size of a map is up to 1,024.


ParaSpace only allows the use of the official PhysicsBone on avatars. DynamicBone of third-party plug-ins is allowed to be uploaded, but it will be automatically replaced with the official PhysicsBone when it is processed on cloud. DynamicBone parameters will be mapped to the PhysicsBone component.


Although the DynamicBone plug-in is not prohibited, developers are strongly recommended to use the official PhysicsBone.