Official Expressions


The official Expressions rely on the official Animator Controller file to take effect.

When configuring an Avatar, if you want to have functional official default Expressions, you need to:

  • Keep the Action Layer Animator Controller and Expressions as ”Official Defaults”.

Or, you can manually:

  • Set the Action Layer Animator Controller to the official original ActionLayer file.
  • Set the Expressions to the original index file in the SDK.

Action Layer Animator Controller

Action Layer Animator Controller contains 29 expressions, which are all controlled by using emote parameters.

Default Expressions

The following table describes all expressions and corresponding parameters:

NameCorresponding Emote ParameterDescription
Hi1Say hello to others
Love You3Stretch out the right hand and do heart gesture
Heart4Extend the hands upwards and do a heart gesture
Yeah5Raise the right hand to pose V sign
Bow Down7Make a bow
Thank You8Take off the hat and salute
Rock Hand9Do a rock hand dance
Blow Kisses10Send a flying kiss
Excited11Very happy
Confused12Full of questions
Angry13Stomp in anger
Head Shake17Shake the head left and right
Swing Dance20Do the swing dance
Moon Walk21Do the moonwalk
DJing22Do a dance like a DJ
Floss Dance23Do the floss dance
Heel Toe24Do the heel toe dance
Celebration Dance25Perform a celebration dance
Dab26Make a dab gesture
Yoshi!27Make a handsome gesture
Sit Down28Sit down in an upright position
Chill29Sit in the air and shake the legs back and forth