Common Components

This chapter will tell you how to make you world more diverse by using these components. If you find your world is lacking objects to interact with, we suggest you to learn the following components which will greatly expand the tools under you belt for creating a unique world.


Component Mounting Requirement

When you want to mount a Lua Script, then you must mount a ParaScript (C# script it is!) beforehand. But if you are a total nerd who shoots out the script in C# already, then go ahead and mount it directly.


Coming up, we will talk about the frequently used components when creating the world in details. You can make use of these components to create a much interesting objects for interactions such as wine glasses, dice cups, or throwable. Make use of these to create a much fascinating world and unlock more gameplay such as the shooting a basket ball. Everything we mentioned above can be realized by using these components! Let's get started!