Para Avatar SDK Decompression Failure

If you encounter an error message like "Fail to decompress Para Avatar SDK", you can refer to the following for troubleshooting.

First, check the following information:

  1. Whether your machine version is compatible with the Unity version -- Yes
  2. Whether the Unity version is correct (LTS Release 2021.f1.3.6) -- Yes
  3. Whether your project is a URP project -- Yes
  4. Whether any other plug-in has been installed in your project -- No

If your situation meets the above requirements but the error like "Fail to decompress Para Avatar SDK" persists, further measures can be taken.

To solve the problem, you can try to remove the existing SDK from the Assets folder.

Then, import Para Avatar SDK of the latest version to your project.



You can get the latest version of Para Avatar SDK from the ParaSpace official website.

Drag your SDK to the Assets folder.

Enter your project again and check whether the problem has been solved. If the problem persists, feel free to reach out to our community for technical service.