Scripting Overview

Script is an essential tool for creating a world.

If you want to create an interactive world with complexity, then you are going to need the scripts to respond to the player's input and set up the rules and logic behind the triggering events, and create rich artistic effects. Using a script enables you to create your own game worlds, such as an FPS or puzzle game.

This chapter will state the main concept of the scripts and how to use them

  1. Script configuration coding environment: Setting Up Your Scripting Environment
  2. Learn more about how to customize the scripts: Para Script
  3. Learn more about the logic behind network synchronization: Multiplayer and Networking
  4. Learn more about how make a UI with logics: UI

For more basic script tutorial, please refer to: Scripting Tutorials

ParaSpace SDK runs on a Unity engine, which includes most of the Unity features if you use the proper scripts. Nothing is impossible!
Please refer to the whitelist for the usable Unity features: