Scene effect parameter settings


Property nameProperty description
settingsEnvironment configuration information
mainLightMain light object of the scene
JsonAssetEnvironment configuration information file, which corresponds to a pbpjson file

Member Class SceneEnvironmentSetting

Property nameProperty description
enableMainLight Enables or configures the property adjustment panel of the main light.
mainLightColorReturns or sets the color property of sunlight.
mainLightTypeReturns or sets the shadow mode of sunlight.
mainLightStrengthReturns or sets the intensity of sunlight.
mainLightDirReturns or sets the direction of sunlight.
enableShadowSets or returns the light shadow mode. The available values are None, Hard, and Soft.
shadowStrengthReturns or sets the shadow intensity of the main light.
enableCharacterLightEnables or disables the property panel of the character light.
characterLightColorReturns or sets the color of the character light.
characterStrenghtReturns or sets the intensity of the character light.
characterRotationReturns or sets the rotation of the character light.
characterAmbientEnableEnables or disables the light information of the character ambient.
characterCubemapEnableEnables or configures the maps panel of the character ambient.
characterAmbientReturns or sets the color of the character ambient.
characterCubemapReturns or sets the maps of the character ambient.
fogEnableEnables or disables the fog information panel for the scene.
fogColorReturns or sets the fog color.
fogModeReturns or sets the fog mode. The available values are 1, 2, and 3, which indicate Linear, Exponential, and ExponentialSquared respectively.
startFogReturns or sets the start distance of fog.
endFogReturns or sets the end distance of fog.
fogDensityReturns or sets the fog density.
skyMaterialReturns or sets the material object of sky.
flareEnableEnables or disables the solar flare effect panel.
LensFlareDataSRPReturns or sets the data object of solar flare.
lenFlarePositionReturns or sets the position of solar flare.
enablePostProcessEnables or disables the property panel of the screen post effects.
BlurAmountReturns or sets the threshold of screen blur.
BloomEnabledEnables or disables the screen bloom effect.
BloomColorReturns or sets the screen bloom color.
BloomThresholdReturns or sets the threshold of the bloom effect.
BloomIntensityReturns or sets the intensity of the bloom effect.
BloomScatterReturns or sets the scattering intensity of the bloom effect.
LUTEnables or disables the color lookup table effect for Color Grading.
LutAmountReturns or sets the number of colors for Color Grading.
SourceLutReturns or sets the map object of the look-up table.
ImageFilteringEnables or disables the image filtering effect.
ColorReturns or sets the filtering color for images.
ContrastReturns or sets the image contrast.
BrightnessReturns or sets the image brightness.
SaturationReturns or sets the image saturation.
ExposureReturns or sets the image exposure.
GammaReturns or sets the gamma value of images.
ChromaticAberrationEnables or disables the chromatic aberration effect for images.
OffsetReturns or sets the chromatic aberration offset of images.
FishEyeDistortionReturns or sets the fisheye lens distortion.
DistortionEnables or disables the lens distortion effect.
LensDistortionReturns or sets the fisheye lens distortion.
VignetteEnables or disables the screen vignette effect.
VignetteColorReturns or sets the screen vignette color.
VignetteAmountReturns or sets the threshold of the screen vignette color.
VignetteSoftnessReturns or sets the softness of the screen vignette color.

Public method

Method nameFeature description
SetupLensFlareCreates a solar flare object in the current scene, and associates with the default data object of LensFlareComponentSRP.
SetupPostProcessObjCreates a post-processing object in the current scene.
SetupEnvfogSets the fog parameter of the current scene.
ChangeMainLightModifies the character light parameter of the current scene.
SetupAvatarLightCreates a character light object in the current scene.
LoadJsonLoads the environment configuration information from the pbjson file.
ChangeTransitions from the current environment to the target environment within the specified time frame.