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isAutoRespawnIndicates whether players will respawn automatically.


ParaPlayer service, which is used to manage and get the objects of ParaPlayer. Tag management of ParaPlayer is supported.

Static Methods

ClearAllPlayersTagClears all tags from the player. All tags will be cleared if the parameter is empty; this parameter of all players will be cleared if the parameter is null.
GetLocalPlayerReturns the local player controlled by the current character.
GetPlayerIf it exists, the ParaPlayer object associated with the GameObject will be returned; otherwise, null will be returned.
GetPlayerByIdIf the tag exists, the ParaPlayer objects of the specified player ID will be returned; otherwise, "null" will be returned.
GetPlayerCountReturns the actual player count in the current world.
GetPlayersReturns the actual player list in the current world.
GetPlayersWithTagReturns all players with a specified tag that matches the tag value. The tag can be empty, which indicates returning all players.
GetMaxPlayerCountReturns the maximum number of players in the current world.
OnMasterChangeWhen the Master changes, the value of the parameter becomes the new Master
GetPlayerByUIDGets the ParaPlayer object corresponding to a specified UID.
GetMasterGet Logic Room Master